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The EP2.3 wins Best of Show Award

Our Tri-amped EP2.3 won a Best Sound at thew Show award at the Axpona show where the competition was 10-20 times our price in most cases.

Our new KC II got raves at the Newport Beach 

Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound said:
Perhaps the best overall value at the show was the Emerald Physics KCII open-baffle loudspeaker system ($2499) driven by the company’s EP100.2SE hybrid power amplifier. The whole system was priced at just under $6k at retail, but offered at $3799. This system put many five-figure systems to shame.
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Best Sound (for the money): Emerald Physics KCII speaker system ($2495/pr.) driven by Emerald’s EP100.2SE amplifier and Anti-Mode’s Dual 2.0 as preamp playing CDs from a modest Marantz player. This demo featured among the most involving overall sound that I heard at the show.
Paul Seydor of the Absolute Sound
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Emerald Physics was, as usual, showing exceptional products at really exceptionally low prices. In particular, the KC II open-baffle speakers at $2495 sounded very convincing musically and also looked spectacular, with an airbrushed faux wood finish that was to wood what Balthasar Neumann’s faux marble was to Baroque architecture—arguably more beautiful than the real thing. Emerald Physics was integrating its systems with DSPeaker’s room-correction and frequency-response adjustment devices. This seems to me very much the way that audio needs to go, offering as it does extraordinary—and adjustable—sound in domestically compatible packages at modest prices. People often wonder how serious audio can survive outside the 1% market. This is how.  Robert Greene TAS Show report
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