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Power Sound Audio's flagship subwoofer is a true exhibit of American engineering and manufacturing. We took our time designing one of the best commercially available subwoofers that will fill most rooms with concussive bass.

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  • Three, USA built, proprietary 18" drivers configured in a triangular array to eliminate reactive forces
  • 4000W RMS / 8000W Peak amplifier with DSP - made in USA  
  • Satin black texture cabinets - made in the USA
  • 15Hz-200Hz +/-3dB (7Hz-11Hz typical in-room extension)

CEA-2010 Ratings

  • Ultra-low bass (20-31.5 Hz): 121.7dB
  • Low bass (40-63Hz): 135.7dB
*Subtract 9dB for an equivalent RMS 2m ground plane measurement distance.


Shipping  – Free shipping to Vic, NSW, Qld & Tas. Small charge to WA & NT

Shipping dimensions

85cm(L) x 78cm(W) x 81cm(H)




  • Three Power Sound Audio proprietary 18” drivers
  • Extended and vented pole geometry
  • Vented back plate to maximize air flow
  • Extremely linear and dynamic motor system
  • Epoxy reinforced cone neck/apex joint
  • Concentric foam surround, treated for longevity
  • Highly treated, rigid paper cone body
  • Die-cast rigid aluminum frame
  • Three inch diameter, four layer copper voice coil wound on a rigid multi-layer aluminum former with Kapton heat shielding
  • Fatigue limiting designed, silver alloy lead wires
  • Single poly cotton semi-progressive, high excursion spider
  • Paper outer dust cap with acrylic coating
  • Inner Mass Loading Cap that also strengthens the cone body
  • Assembled in the USA

Amplifier Specifications

  • Amplifier Power: 4000W RMS (continuous), 8000W Peak (dynamic)
  • Amplifier Topology: Innovative post-filter feedback class-D topology, achieves ruler-flat frequency response, low distortion and very high damping across the whole audio band
  • Uses latest generation power MOSFET transistors and highly optimized output stage for up to 95% efficiency, allowing quiet fan-less operation up to unprecedented power levels
  • Full featured protection: DC, overload, low impedances, shorts, under/over-voltage, overheating, etc.
  • Very low idle power consumption (<20W typ.), saves electricity in comparison with most pro-audio and class AB amps
  • Includes gentle soft-start and long-term power limiter to reduce the chances of  tripping breakers
  • 120 - 240V
  • Inputs: Balanced XLR input and balance XLR loop output. 
  • Two user selectable DSP programs for optimization in almost any room size
  • LED indicators for circuit protection, clipping, AC power, and signal


  • Sealed enclosure
  • Triaxial driver array
  • Finish options: super durable, satin black textured finish
  • Precision machined CNC panels for perfect fit of all components
  • Rigid MDF baffles 
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 27.5” x 31” x 23.5” Technical Drawing
  • Weight: 170lbs (158lbs without grills)
  • Made in the USA
  • shipping weight 75kgs


* 2 meter ground plane (1/6 Octave smoothing)
Program select button IN = RED
Program select button OUT = BLUE 


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Dave Upton (Home Theater Forum) spent some with our flagship subwoofer, the T-18. Click the Home Theater Forum logo to read his impressions of what he calls, "the best value in high end subwoofers."

" it was obvious that the T-18 could handle ultra-pressurizing subsonic content with ease as well as deliver a huge amount of impact. Turning the volume anywhere close to reference level had my room rattling in ways I never thought possible. Even with such impressive output capacity, the T-18 was remarkably dynamic also, delivering intense bass without being rude about it."

"With the T-18 properly dialed in, the experience was the most intense home theater bass reproduction I’ve ever encountered from a non-DIY sub."


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