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Customer Feedback

Jamie from Qld had this to say when he recently swapped in Power Sound Audio MTM-210 speakers to the front L&R (to match the centre channel) and moved his MT-110 to the rear.

“Been busy the last week so didn’t get in much listening time in till the yesterday and today.

So far I’m super impressed! I’ll admit at first the size difference between the 110’s and the 210’s  for the Left & Rights was a bit of a shock, visually they were pretty dominating in the room, but I’ve adapted to them now....but I was sweating bullets when the Mrs came home the day I set them up lol

While it was probably a slight upgrade putting the 210’s upfront instead of the 110’s, the upgrade to the 110’s for surrounds over my previous speakers (which were no slouches either) has been absolutely HUGE! I wish I did this a year ago. Surround effects are now completely enveloping and movie soundtracks are very immersive -  by far the best surround sound I’ve ever experienced – either at home or in a commercial cinema”.

Next day – “Been listening to some concert Blu-Rays and multi-channel music today and the phantom image these speakers can throw between the front speakers and their corresponding surround speaker (eg Left front & left surround together) is amazing, with certain effects/instruments appearing to come from the side walls, about 2-3 metres wider than the fronts – really sounds incredible! I’m not sure if it’s due to the tonal/timbre matching , the Controlled Directivity of the PSA speakers or a combination of both but they’ve had me do quite a few double takes so far! Very noticeable improvement”.


AVS member RN2013 posted a detailed review of his experience with the new S1500. Click on the AVS logo below to read the full review.

"the great thing I found using the S1500 is that the improvements are apparent on virtually all recordings, not just the “demo your system audiophile recordings."

"the low end sound/support it provides is clean, deep, has a really good pitch and blends well with the mains"

Todd Anderson (Home Theater Shack) recently reviewed the MTM-210 loudspeakers Click on the logo to read the full review. 

"the 210s delivered spot-on imaging and felt invisible"

"The speakers produced a wide soundstage and gushed while hammering away the movie’s special effects and the Chemical Brother’s thick soundtrack."

Dave Upton (owner of Home Theater Forum) recently review a pair of MT-110 loudspeakers. Click on the Home Theater Forum logo to read the full review. 

"Turning my system up to reference level, the MT-110’s didn’t break a sweat taking all the power I could give them with nary a complaint."

"Immediately apparent was the ability of the MT-110’s to play really, really loud."



Josh Ricci at has posted his extensive review of the XS15se. Please click on the Data-Bass logo to read his review.
"The XS-15SE offers a lot of bang for the dollar. The driver is a high quality piece in this price range and the enclosure and finish is heavy duty. The engineering and DSP settings also seem to be well applied and thought out. It is one of the few, sealed design, powered subwoofers offered for under $1000 that is both engineered well and has enough headroom for a decent sized room. Based on the measurements and performance metrics alone it compares quite well to other commercial sealed subwoofers at 2x to 3x the price. "

Dale Rasco from the Home Theater Shack posted his review of the two XS15's we sent as part of the $10,000 Home Theater System Giveaway. Please click the Home Theater Shack logo to read the entire review.
"The XS15 can land a punch in your chest that would kickstart your heart if necessary."
"I was pleasantly surprised by the depth at which the bass was reproduced."

Check out Jim Wilson's in-depth review of our XS15 at Please click on the logo to read the entire review.
"Right out of the box I liked the sound, which struck me as very detailed. Depth was pretty evident almost instantly as well, with a nice powerful rumble when the situation warranted."
"What this company provides is a level of value that simply didn't exist a few months ago. Very rarely does a rookie step into the majors and hit a home run during their first at bat, but PSA has done just that. The XS15 is definitely worth more then the $750 they're selling it for. Pick one up soon, before these guys come to their senses and realize what they have."

Jim Wilson has provided an outstanding review of our XS15se. Please click on the Home Theater Shack logo to read the entire review
"What the 'se' version does is take all that raw output and smooth it over, making the sound more refined and deeper. You may not ultimately classify it as the cleanest or most articulate bass you've ever heard, but when taken as a whole -- especially considering the price -- what you end up with one very hard to beat combination that should easily satisfy even the most picky among us."
"When it comes to value, PowerSound Audio is in a class by themselves."


Todd Anderson gives his first impressions along with a detailed review of his dual XS30 setup. Please click the Home Theater Shack logo to read the entire review.

"HOW DO THEY SOUND," you ask? Let's just say this: Incredible."
"What I’ve found through my hours of movie watching is an extremely even, tight, and smooth bass. It’s not localized or one sided in it’s presentation - not in the slightest bit."

Dave Upton, in his recent review of the XS30, has claimed it as "one of the finest values available in home theater today." Please click on the Home Theater Forum logo to read the review.
"I listened to these albums for close to two hours and was thoroughly impressed by the articulation and natural sound of the XS30."
"Overall, the XS30 delivered usable response down to the mid teens with clear, powerful and heavily visceral bass reproduction. Once I had it dialed in, the results were astounding."

FINALLY got my XS30 hooked up & calibrated! Rest of system is: PSB Synchrony Ones, PSB Synchrony One Center, PSB Synchrony two's for surrounds. My previous sub for last 8 years was another creation of yours, an SVS 20-39 PC+. Marantz AV8801 pre/pro - (also new!), B&K Ref. 200.7 amp. Room approx. 3000 CF. I calibrated with XT32, had all "the usual suspects" bass demo blu-rays lined up ready to go.....One problem: I said to myself "I'll just check it out with some music for a few minutes to make sure everything is working" I sat there for 4 hours, amazed at how clean & tight the XS30 was! I dug out DVD-A's & SACD's, and it was better than hearing them for the first time.

When I finally got around to the blu-rays, it was more of the same. The way the XS30 just underpinned everything was astonishing. I'm 54 years old & have been interested in audio & video since I was 12. I have had a few components come through my hands that haven't been worth the money; many more that I thought were a good value for the money spent - and a precious few that returned much more enjoyment than the purchase price I had paid - with the XS30 topping this last category.

Be well, and please continue to amaze us!!!!

Patrick (June 22, 2013)

Thank you for the incredible subwoofer!

I had no idea a sub could sound this good.

My wife "approved" the purchase within 15 minutes of the first movie. She typically doesn't prefer the 5.1 audio "extra sound" while watching TV. Well, the audio has been used a lot more since adding the XS30. She explained the sound as much more natural. Your product description is so true "realistic sound field".

Kevin (February 12, 2014)

I'm sure you already know that, but I have to say it over- I've never had so much enjoyment from a sub before.

It's the first time I've ever feared for the structural integrity of my home (and we've been here for a few sizable earthquakes).

The XS30 was pretty easy to setup for such a beast, and it integrated beautifully with my Klipsch RF82iis. It absolutely pressurizes the room to the point of discomfort when it needs to, but reproduces music surprisingly well. No buyers remorse here at ALL.

Thank you so much for building such a piece of joyful furniture.


Brent Butterworth's review of the XV15 can be found by clicking the Sound & Vision logo below.
"Clearly, this is a subwoofer intended for hardcore home theater enthusiasts."

"I’ve spent many hours in $200,000+ custom home theaters packed with four or six or 10 subwoofers, and my experience with the XV15 was similar to those situations. The bass was nothing less than brutal. When I played the 16-Hz low notes from the Organ Symphony, the XV15 whupped the other subs easily. The whole room pulsated, almost as if some sort of monster had plucked my home off the slab and begun shaking it like a toy. Even when I pushed the volume way up, to where the XV15 hit 115-dB peaks measured from my listening chair, I couldn’t hear a trace of distortion in the opening of Attack of the Clones."

Josh Ricci posted his review of the XV15 at Audioholics. Please click the Audioholics logo read the entire review.
"Power Sound has come out swinging with the XV-15 and if the rest of their line-up is as good as the XV-15 is I’d expect they will be doing quite well for themselves in their first year of operation."

"Apparently $799 can buy an astonishing amount of performance in the subwoofer kingdom these days."

CJ, Home Theater Lounge Administrator, posted an excellent review of the XV15. Check it out by clicking the Lounge's logo.
"The XV15 also plays low and loud. I mean it pounds out movie SFX, hard."

"The XV15 is what I would call a no-nonsense subwoofer design with design emphasis on what matters from a performance perspective."

I love the Satin black look. It is textured and very well done. Immediately getting them out of the boxes the WAF factor was a huge success. She complimented their appearance multiple times through the evening.
The XL Omnidroid is smashing through town launching lasers. The impact the lasers have is creating really incredible depth. There was so much missing before that I never noticed. Simple things stand out as well like the Omnidroid Breaking through Frozone's ice wall. It has strength now. Physically I am watching and grinning ear to ear, but mentally I am tearing through my abundant Bluray collection.
My setup just got pumped up full of steroids and came back ready to bring it. These subs belong here, I would have paid 3k for them if I knew what they were going to do. the money I spent on them is negligible, the value they carry is worth much much more. I pushed the XV15s very hard today and they didn't blink. Bulletproof.
-Jordan (2-XV15's) February 12, 2014