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RCA to XLR adapter for Anti-Mode 8033


With this cable you can convert the 0-degree (red RCA) and 180-degree (white RCA) outputs of Anti-Mode 8033S and 8033S-II to balanced XLR. This cable is recommended if you have an XLR input in your sub-woofer. It doubles the signal amplitude to your sub and is much less sensitive to interference from power cables or other equipment.

The cable is 0.75m (2.5 feet) in length.

Can be used with Anti-Mode 8033C, 8033S, and 8033S-II.

Do not use this cable with other products than Anti-Mode!

You can use balanced XLR cable between your subwoofer and Anti-Mode 8033. Balanced XLR cable is very useful when wiring long distances in environment with a lot of other audio and power cables. You can buy the adaptor from Deep Hz Audio.