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Too often 'high-end audio' speakers lose their sense of realism as you move around the space, often sounding sterile or incoherent once you move out of the 'sweet-spot'; but not the Daedalus systems which are noted for a stable, cohesive sound stage that fills a house with music.

Daedalus Audio speaker systems are unique in achieving high efficiency without using horns, while maintaining a very smooth, natural response on and off axis, combined with life like dynamics and detail. Our drivers have paper cones and fabric surrounds that enable these systems to reproduce the transients and subtleties that common speakers supress.

The cabinets are of solid hardwood with dovetail joinery and an old-world style hand-rubbed oil varnish finish. Solid hardwood with this fine furniture finish has a natural presence that is both visual and tactile; they look like they sound, very real. The hardwood cabinets are incredibly stiff and project all the energy of the music without adding resonances or coloration.
Of course to do all this correctly takes a great deal of skilled craftsmanship; these are handcrafted and unique speaker systems with a limited production.
The components and level of quality are the same in all our models. The different models are designed for unique applications of room, lifestyle and tonal preference. These systems are perfect for accurate two-channel listening in large and small rooms as well as open floorplan homes and Home-Theater.

In 2010 we introduced the All-Poly option in our systems that radically improved performance over designs that utilize electrolytic or inferior poly caps. Imaging locks in with a greater sense of air and space surrounding each instrument, bass is more extended with much more control and detail; the whole system is much faster and effortlessly reproduces all the subtle transients and dynamics. The vocals and highs are full bodied while also having more detail and clarity and because the crossover is more electronically 'transparent' there is a gain of about .5db in system sensitivity as well as better matching with all amplifiers, (esp. low power tube).
The same quality goes into all our systems and we only build the best speaker we can for each application, so the All-Poly option is now standard on all our models except the Pan, which is as close to all-poly as we could do in that system.

Our current 'version.2' systems incorporate the vibration and EMI control for internal wiring that we developed in 2012, and new custom wire and crossover designs introduced in early 2013. These innovations bring the systems to another level of refinement, enough so that we needed to differentiate the current models from the pre-2013 versions. The version.2 systems maintain correct phase across the entire frequency range while improving clarity and resolution. The result is an effortless and open performance with a three dimensional stage.