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It’s time to change everything you thought you knew about audiophile speakers.

The goal has always been quite simple - to create a speaker that neither adds nor subtracts from the source material. To deliver nothing but the music. To be true, honest and real.

Well, get ready for Eddie. He’s going to forever change everything you thought you knew about loudspeakers.





There are several reasons EDDIE is such a good performer. Let’s start with our proprietary Strat 1 planar midrange. It features the strongest neodymium magnets and the most rigid structure imaginable. And when you put a physicist who is a musician in charge of creating the F1 there are virtually no compromises.

EDDIE also features a true ribbon tweeter with the moving mass of only 16 mg – something no accordion pleated tweeter can achieve. The RM7 woofer also has a low moving mass and phase plug with the speed and phase coherency to achieve a seamless transition to the planar. Advanced, and expensive crossover design, and over-engineered cabinets contribute to the overall organic result – to deliver music that belies the sound of a speaker.




3-Way Audiophile Reference Monitor
Rear Ported Enclosure
Tweeter and Midrange Level Controls
TruFlat Ribbon Tweeter
RM7 Woofer
Strat F1 Planar
WBT 5-Way Binding Posts, Insulated
Removable Black Magnetic Grille
Post Modern American Walnut
+/- 3 dB 32 Hz – 30 kHz
89 dB 1W/1M
Impedance 4 Ohms Minimum
Suggested Amp Power – 50 to 150+ Watts* 
23 3/4″ Tall x 10 1/4″ Wide x 15 1/2″ Deep [16″ Deep with Grille]
Approxiamately 50 Pounds



The Absolute Sound Names EDDIE Best of Show

A number of editors from the top audiophile magazines auditioned EDDIE at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach the first week of June. Here is the first reaction to EDDIE.

Robert Harley’s Best of Show

RH_1_Richard_Beers.jpg.648x460_q85Best Sound (For the Money)

“The Eddie speaker from a new speaker company called Evoke caught my ear for its tremendous price-to-performance ratio. The $3995-per-pair Eddie features a ribbon tweeter, planar-magnetic midrange, and a cone woofer. Driven by NuPrime electronics, it sounded clean, fast, and transparent—and like it should cost much more than $4k.” [Read more…]

“I am awed by the music…”

Comments from a new EDDIE owner: “I chose your setup recommendation and … went back to my 45 Hz subwoofer setting. I also raised the height of my listening position to be level with the planar midrange drivers. I made minor adjustments to the midrange and treble controls to balance the sound (nice attenuators!).

I’m hearing life sized instruments and voices. It’s like my much valued, huge soundstage disappeared to be replaced by musicians and their instruments. [Read more…]

WOW Says New Owner of EDDIE

I just got the EDDIE speakers. I am running them in class A mode up to 35 watts (I haven’t used more than 10 watts so far). The speakers are efficient. The EDDIE’s are wired with Nordost flat speaker wire with banana plugs. I left the mid and tweeter settings at your recommended 10 o’clock positions.

The EDDIE speakers are currently crossing over to a pair 8″ Eton Hexacone mid bass/bass drivers that are mounted in a fairly large, custom, semi-aperiodic sealed dual chamber enclosure of my design. The Etons run with no low pass filter. I use a Martin Logan servo controlled 10″ aluminum coned subwoofer below 45 Hz. [Read more…]






Eddie Owners’ Manual


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OF NOTE … Dolby publishes a professional document with specifications for ATMOS theaters. It is a very interesting read. Granted none of use will typically have a large theater ourselves, but the information is very educational. CLICK HERE to view the document.