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PH-1 Phono-Stage



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Wyred 4 Sound has always been proud to offer top quality, top performing equipment at a value price.  When we expand to new areas of the audio arena we want to make sure we are offering a product that is both unique in its category and that will perform at a much higher level than any previously offered in its price range.

With this in mind we are proud to introduce the PH-1 Phono-Stage!  The PH-1 is not only Wyred 4 Sound's first phono preamplifier it is unique in that it is one of the quietest phono-stages available in its price category, it is also one of the lowest noise rated phono preamplifiers available in any price range.  By utilizing the highest grade parts in our own custom designed, all aluminum case, and an ultra high grade external power supply we are able to keep the noise floor at the lowest possible levels.  This allows your vinyl recordings to play in the cleanest highest quality sound possible.

We then add the flexibility of having both multiple Gain level and Loading controls.  This allows for the greatest compatibility with your current phono cartridge and also whichever cartridge you may want to use in the future.

Sound quality, built in the United States construction, along with offering an unmatched value has always been Wyred 4 Sound's trade-mark.  We now bring this outstanding design to your phono-stage allowing you to enjoy your precious vinyl treasures at a level previously not possible!  Only from Wyred 4 Sound!


The main design criteria for the PH-1 phono-stage are to be ultra quiet, eliminating external noise wherever possible, and to allow for maximum flexibility and future compatibility. The PH-1 is an ultimate example of both design and function!

The PH-1 Phono-Stage is designed from ground up to be ultra low-noise. An external power supply is used to allow for isolation from other components transformers, which can inherently cause noise within a phono-stage. The case used in constructing the PH-1 is fabricated out of aluminum to assist in isolation from external noise. Finally the unit includes an unbalanced to balanced conversion as an additional way of eliminating any possible noise from your vinyl listening enjoyment!

To enhance flexibility and assure future compatibility the PH-1 includes a Gain control allowing for matching of cartridge manufactures recommendations. Additional there is an inclusion of a Loading control which allows for matching the cartridge specifications. The loading control also allows for fine tuning of the audio characteristics of the phono-stage.



   The PH-1 Specs

  • Gain Selectable: 44db, 50db, 56db, 62db
  • Noise: 44db =  29uv (20-20kHz),62db = 190uv (20-20kHz)
  • RIAA Accuracy: 0.12db @ 44db gain (5mv in RIAA Equalized 20-20kHz)
  • THD @ 1kHz: 5mv @ 62db .0009% (20-20kHz Balanced out)
  • Loading: 100 ohm (0.047uf), 511 ohm (0.01uf), 1k ohm (4700pf), 44k (47pf)
  • Input Overload 1kHz: 44db  = 85mv, 62db = 10mv
  • s/n 85mv in (44db): 111db (Awt 20-20kHz Balanced out)
  • s/n 10mv in (62db): 95db (Awt 20-20kHz Balanced out)
  • Max output: 13v RMS Balanced, 6v RMS Unbalanced
  • Output Impedance: 100 ohm Balanced, 100 ohm Unbalanced