Bluetooth streamer / reclocker

With the bLINK, your streaming music has never sounded better or been so portable!


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The convenience and simplicity of bluetooth streaming has always been great, but the audio quality was always sub-par. Also, after the Remedy came out, many of you remarked, "I love the Remedy, but it would be great to combine it in a wireless streamer." Well, we thought that was a great idea as well. For over two years, version after version, we worked on perfecting the circuit to offer amazing quality from such a mainstream device, and we are happy to announce the fruition of our labors: the innovative bLINK!  The bLINK gives you the ability to wirelessly stream music from your favorite mobile device to any DAC, while also providing superior jitter reduction.

Your streaming music has never sounded better or been so portable!


  • Bluetooth stream from any wireless device
  • Femto-grade reclocker drastically reduces jitter
  • 96kHz output sampling frequency
  • Auxiliary Coax input supports up to 24/192kHz
  • Coax and Toslink outputs
  • 9V DC power supply included
  • 5 year warranty



Wyred 4 Sound Review news – “Our mighty bLINK wins a Knock Out Award! Stream your music from any Bluetooth device (your phone, computer, tablet, etc) to the bLINK, which reclocks the signal and upsamples the output to your DAC. The result? Your streaming music never sounded better. The bLINK can be used hardwired as well! It's a great little audio device unique to the market”.

John H. Darko Read the John H Rarko review – “Wyred 4 Sound bLINK review”